Uberpool dating

uberpool dating

You ignore him and drive home in peace and as the driver drops you off, the tech guy leans over to you and hands you an emoji-laden business card with "let's collab" handwritten on the back of card. He nods politely when you get in the car and goes back to furiously typing into Slack on his iPhone. He says a "beautiful young lady like you" needs to get wifed up—in fact, how about this nice man who is vaguely around the same age as you sitting in the passenger seat? It started to get heated, I think he felt me up? Keeping Uber's guidelines in mind, here are a few ways to be clear that you'd like to keep this conversation going somehow, without getting booted off the app. We were [on a ride that lasts] a solid minutes.

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Uber tells passengers to quit using Uber Pool as a hook-up service

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He wasn't creepy and I had no intention of getting physical.

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Breathless: Is UberPool the New Tinder?

When he got in the car, the flirting commenced immediately. One stop shop. It's probably safe to say that most people who take UberPool aren't doing it for the conversation with strangers.

uberpool dating
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